An Open Letter to My NBSB Friends

I’m not sure if you guys will get to read this but I just have so many thoughts in my mind that I feel I should share to you.

First off, I want you guys to know that I very much envy you. I envy you for the fact that you’re still raw, and undamaged emotionally. I mean, maybe at some point, some of you wish you had an experience of what it’s like being in a relationship, but then, based on my experiences, and my observation of other couples’ break ups and their consequences, I came to realize that we really don’t always have to try and commit mistakes to learn. You might not have felt the same heartbreak I had, but it doesn’t mean we don’t share similar thoughts on it.

Second, you guys are brave. You are brave for choosing to be single than to be in a wrong relationship and for not allowing yourself to be pressured to have a boyfriend in this society where in most people think of single women as some kind of choosy or unattractive and that makes you much more worthy of respect. You are tough for knowing to say no to guys you believe you can’t build something lasting though at times you’ve considered them, instead of playing with their feelings, because you save not only yourself but also them energy, tears and time, thus, giving giving them more to invest on others who could possibly deserve them.

Third, know that you guys are precious. Just because no one has gone the extra mile yet to pursue you till they can have you, it doesn’t mean you aren’t as beautiful as those women who are happily taken. You are not less of a woman if you are NBSB at your 20s or 30s. It’s a choice you make and no one has the right to judge you for that.

And lastly, be grateful because that’s far better than to have been in a couple of failed relationships. In truth, I’m one of those girls who once hoped our first would be our last, and as misfortune would have it, neither my second, third and fourth did. Now, I can just hope that the odds will finally be in my favor so my next would be my last.

Girls, don’t be afraid to stand by yourself and your choices. Don’t let anyone make you question your worth. Just take your time. Someday, it’ll make more sense.



Senpai šŸ’•



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